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How a Rotating Head Tube Cutoff System Protects Workers

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A rotating head tube cutoff system offers numerous advantages over traditional lathes, particularly in terms of worker safety, efficiency, precision, and ergonomics. This advanced technology significantly improves the working conditions and productivity of operators in the metalworking industry. For manufacturers who are worried about protecting their workers, a rotating head cutoff system may be the solution that not only provides …

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How To Choose the Right Rotating Head Cutoff Machine For Your Needs

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Hautau offers a wide range of rotating head cutoff machines, each of which is designed for a particular purpose.  Here is a brief rundown on what our machines do and how to choose the one that is right for your needs! The RC Series–A Rotating-Head Cut Off Lathe for Every Need  The RC Series is designed to cut, face and …

CNC Tube Cutoff Machine

How To Fix Tube Cutting Bottlenecks

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The term “bottleneck” refers to a slowdown or stoppage in any production process.  In tube cutting, bottlenecks typically occur at certain points on the production line.  In order to fix these problems, it is important for planners to understand how their process becomes bottlenecked in the first place and what steps will solve the situation. Finding and Fixing Production Bottlenecks  …

Hautau Offers a Better Way for Conveyor Idler Rolls

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Automated conveyors are essential for manufacturers, retailers and distribution centers throughout the world. It’s not unusual for the conveyors to literally have thousands of powered rollers and belt-driven idlers for smooth sorting and moving of products. With a traditional manufacturing method, the idlers require several steps for production. After the tube has been cut to its specific length, it’s then …