Watch videos of Hautau tube cutting and tube handling systems

RC15 Cutoff Lathe

Hautau RC30 Tube Cutoff Lathe

RC30-H Cutoff Lathe with Tube Stacker

Automatic Tube Cutting and Unloading

Hautau RC80H Producing Conveyor Idlers

CC60 Double-End Tube Bore Machine

Hautau C50H Tube Endfinishing Machine Producing Exhaust Components

Hautau Rotary Head Tube Cutoff Machine  Changeover in 1 minute

Tube grooving, cutting and chamfering for conveyor rollers

Hautau Saw - Stationary-Tube Lathe Cut Operations

Rotating Head Tube Lathe - Cut, Chamfered & Grooved in One Operation!

Hautau Automatic Tube Unloaders, Stackers and Packing Systems

Hautau tube unloading and stamping systems