Hautau RC cutoff machines incorporate a rotating-head with up to four tool slides that allows cutoff plus chamfering, radiusing, grooving and turning. Because both ends of the tube are held rigidly after cutoff, inside chamfering is possible on both ends of the tube. By holding the tube stationary during cutting, these machines eliminate problems associated with spinning tubes such as noise vibration and surface marking. The tube is chucked and advanced more precisely, and can be moved under servo control during endfinishing operations. The full-range chucks eliminate having to remove and replace collets or pads when changing diameters.

RC15 1.5" cutoff lathe

RC15 tube cutoff lathe

RC30 3" cutoff lathe

RC30 Tube cut off machine

RC50 5" cutoff lathe

RC50 tube cut off lathe

RC60 7" cutoff lathe

RC60 automatic tube cutting machine

RC80 9.1" cutoff lathe

RC80 tube cutoff lathe

RC30-H 3" Cutoff Lathe

RC30H tube cutting system

RC50-h 5" Cutoff Lathe

RC50H tube loading and cutting

RC60-H 7" Cutoff Lathe

RC60H tube cutting and chamfering machine

RC80-H 9.1" Cutoff Lathe

RC80H pipe cutting and beveling machine

C30 3" Endfinish & bore

C30 tube endfinishing machine

C50H 5" Endfinish & bore

C50 tube chamfering machine

C80 10" Endfinish & bore

C80 tube pipe beveling machine

CC80 8.6" Double-End Bore

double-end tube pipe chamfering

tube loading & unloading automation


tube bundle loader


tube handling automation

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