RC80-H Tube Cutting & Chamfering Machine

PRecise tube cutting & chamfering machines for diameters up to 9.1"


The Hautau RC80-H tube cutting and chamfering machine is our highest-performance tube cut off lathe.  This machine  has dual tube feeders for faster cutting of long lengths, and it performs ID and OD chamfering of both tube ends.    All motions are servo-controlled so you  can  cut, face, chamfer and groove tubes in one chucking.   And programs  are included for machining of weld preps and special bevels on both tube ends, and precise grooves can be machined along the length of the tube.

RC80-H Cut Off Lathe

  • Cutoff and chamfer tubes from 3.5 inch to 9.1 inch.
  • Cut tubes with wall thickness up to 1".
  • Cut grooves and special weld preps
  • The tube is held stationary while the cutting headstock rotates.
  • The cutting is quiet and safe, even with bowed tubes
tubes cut and chamfered

What are the benefits of combining tube cutting and chamfering into one operation?
If you currently saw a lot of tubes, and those tubes need to be deburred or chamfered after cutoff, you know that the extra tube handling and equipment setup  can take more effort than the cutting operation. And if your production runs are short with frequent changeovers, having to setup the tube chamfering machine for each size will reduce your productivity.

Our rotating-head tube cutoff lathe holds the tube stationary for cutting, then chamfers both tube ends before releasing the tube. This combines the cutting and chamfering into one operation and eliminates any secondary chamfering operations. And because all the machine motions are programmable, changeovers are fast and setup time is virtually eliminated.

  • Tubes can be cut and fully chamfered in a single operation.
  • Tube chucks adjust automatically so there's no downtime for jaw replacement.
  • Automatic separation of trim cuts and remnants
  • The 30HP headstock has ample power for fast cutting
  • Constant Surface Speed (CSS) control for best tool performance
chamfering & cutting