RC50-H 5"

Tube OD: 0.75 inch to 5.0 inch

Wall Thickness: .02 inch to solid bar

Cut Lengths: 0.75 inch min / 480 inches max • Multiple cut lengths per tube • Random lengths are automatically measured and optimized

The 30HP cutoff lathe headstock has ample power for fast cutting, and includes constant surface speed (CSS) control to maintain optimum production rates. The dual hydraulic chucks hold the tube on both sides of the cut and adjust automatically.

  • Ideal for fast, efficient cutting and chamfering
  • Rotating headstock eliminates whipping and scratching of the tube
  • The servo tube feeder grips and advances the tube precisely, no target stops
  • Tube feed to 30 inches per second
  • Six-jaw chucking ensures secure and concentric workholding.

RC50 Tubing Cutoff Lathe Advantages:

  • Rotating headstock and stationary tube for fast, efficient cutting
  • Fast changeover for diameter and length
  • Cuts accurate within .005″
  • No whipping or scratching the tube Uses either carbide-inserted tooling or disc cutters
  • Tube loading options include supply conveyor, rack loader and bundle loader