Automated Tube Off-Load Systems

To ensure you get the highest production from your tube cut off machine, Hautau offers a variety of tube handling systems that can accumulate, sort and stack the cut tubes.

We design custom tube unloaders that place tubes directly into your transport racks or bins, which reduces material handling labor. As a result, you get continuous production without unloading delays and interruptions.


120" Runout Conveyor with Diverter

Without an effective tube handling system, downstream bottlenecks can reduce production rates.  Hautau has developed runout tables and conveying systems for short parts, long parts or mixed-length cutting.

Our basic runout tables provide an area to accumulate, inspect and sort tubes as they exit the cut off machine.  The table automatically  adjusts to the correct height for the tube diameter.


For a more flexible system we can provide runout conveyors and tube diverters to improve mixed-length handling.

If you need sorting or downstream automation, we offer length sorting, front/back sorting, part marking and robot integration.

Automatic loading into customer hoppers


Tube Sorting Front-Back