RC60-H 7" Cut Off Lathe


The Hautau RC60-H Cut Off Lathe is our highest-performance tube cut off lathe.  This machine features dual servo tube feeders for faster cutting of long lengths.  Software routines are included for machining of weld preps and special bevels on both tube ends.

RC60-H Cut Off Lathe

OD: 1.5 inch to 6.75 inch
Wall Thickness: .049 inch to 1.25 inch
Cut Lengths: .75 inch min / 480 inches max Up to three cut lengths per tube (10 optional)
Random lengths are automatically measured and optimized



  • Overhead tube feeders for improved chip handling
  • Automatic separation of trim cuts
  • Automatic separation of remnants from shavings
  • Step-through configuration allows quick access to both sides of cutting area
  • Machine can be operated from the front or rear for best product flow
  • Quick-change chuck jaws for cutting large, thin-wall tubes

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