Tube Loading Systems

Round Tube Loaders

Our round tube loaders include both chain and strap-type bundle loaders for loading tubes from .75 inch to 9-inch diameter, in lengths up to 42 feet. By including an automatic tube loader you’ll increase your unattended runtime and get the highest production from your tube cutoff machine.

We can also supply double-side loaders for even more capacity, and rear-access loaders to allow loading bundles from behind the tube cutoff lathe.

If none of our standard loaders is right for you, we'll work with you to build a custom system that's just right for your unique application.


Automatic Tube Bundle Loaders

Tube Diameter Capacity: 0.50 inch to 9 inches
Bar Diameter capacity: Up to 3 inches
Weight Capacity: Up to 10,000 pounds
Tube Lengths: 10 to 24 feet Optional up to 60 feet
Compatibility: Rotating-Head Cutoff Lathes and Shear Cutoff Machines

  • All motions are hydraulic with adjustable overload protection.
  • Sequencing and diagnostics are integrated so no adjustments for diameter change.
  • Full bundles are raised by chains or nylon straps allowing tubes to roll into a magazine.
  • All loaders feature a fully-welded frame with a stiff, “box-tube” construction for quick installation and proper alignment.
  • Chain loaders never require strap replacement or adjustment, and are recommended for most applications.
  • Strap loaders come with nylon tube stops for use with plating-quality tubing or soft materials such as aluminum or copper.

Bundle Loader Features & Benefits:

  • Open-front design for easy fork truck access
  • Oversize load area for handling large bundles
  • Cushioned tube stops for smooth operation
  • Durable urethane tube support wheels
  • Automatic tube diameter adjustment

Double Side Loaders

Double side loaders allow you to switch quickly from one size to another. Keep a high-volume size on one side and short runs on the other side.

  • Powered V-wheels move the tube so there’s no overhead drive wheel.
  • Setup and load one side while feeding from the other side.
  • Great for cutting long lengths of large tubing

Inclined Table Loaders

Allows feeding flexible tubes that aren’t suitable for bundle loading. Also good for short runs that require the fastest changeover.

  • Automatic diameter setup
  • Nylon bed and tube stops protect tubes with critical surface finish
  • Built-in scale provided for measuring short tubes
  • Compact design takes less floor space

Long Length Tube Handling

Designed for tube-mill applications and long tube processors.

  • Allows automatic off-loading and sorting

Shaped Tube Loaders

Our shaped tube loaders provide the solution to the challenges of trouble-free loading of square and rectangular tube bundles into our Dual-Blade Shear tube cutoff machines.

These loaders also offer unique features for handling tubes that are too small or flexible to load from bundles or tubes that have a critical surface finish. 

Servo Dial Loader
Tube Capacity: 0.375 inch to 3.0 inches (2.75-inch square)
Bundle Lengths: up to 24 feet
Bundle Weight: up to 4,000 pounds

The servo dial loader is the ultimate solution for delivering rectangular, square and round tubing to the SC30 shear tube cutoff machine.
  • These compact loaders feature a fully-welded frame with a stiff, “box” construction, so the loader installs quickly and maintains alignment
  • Tube angle is maintained consistently and in proper alignment with the cutoff die
  • Sequencing and extensive diagnostics are integrated into the cutoff control system.
  • A single hand wheel adjustment is all that’s required for diameter change
  • Multi-nest dials are servo-controlled and handle up to 24 different tube profiles, reducing setup time so short runs are profitable
  • When the bundle is tilted, the tubes slide off in neat rows; the servo dial rotates, capturing the tube in the appropriate slot
  • The cutoff machine feeder grips and advances the tube into the cutoff machine
  • The SC30’s programmable hitch-feeder makes it easy to cut multiple lengths from each tube so you’ll save material.

Servo Dial Loader Advantages:

  • Use fork truck or crane to load
  • No changeover for different shapes
  • Load up to 24 different tube shapes with one dial set
  • Consistent orientation of shaped tubes
  • Smart sensors detect bent tubes
  • Nylon dials protect the tube surface finish
  • Load new bundles while cutting
  • Also compatible with SC30 Tube Cutoff Machine

Indexing Chain Loader

Hautau indexing chain loaders offer an alternative tube loading solution for shaped tubing. 

Tube Capacity: 0.375 inch to 3.0 inches (2.75-inch square)
Bundle Lengths: up to 24 feet; 42 feet available
Bundle Weight: up to 10,000 pounds; Individual tube limit is 2,000 pounds

How it works:

  • Tubes are placed on the indexing chains
  • Operator can inspect and orient the weld seam for best cutting
  • The chains advance tubes to the lift rolls
  • Tube angle is aligned for the cutoff die
  • V-rolls raise and rotate the tube
  • Hydraulic pinch rolls push the tube into the cutoff machine
  • The cutoff machine feeder grips and advances the tube

Chain Loader Features & Benefits:

  • Open-front design for easy fork truck access
  • Up to 40 tubes can be staged for continuous cutting.
  • Four parallel chains automatically index the tubes
  • Urethane V-wheels protect the tube surface finish
  • Single tubes are lifted and advanced to the feeder
  • No changeover required for diameter change
  • Tubes separated by chain links— don’t rub together
  • Used for plated or polished tubes; also for short run applications.
  • Load new bundles while cutting
  • Also compatible with SC30 Tube Cutoff and RC30 Rotating-Head Cutoff