About Hautau

Over 45 years of service to the tube processing industry.


We designed and patented our first rotating-head tube cutoff machines for trimming automotive glass-pack mufflers, and the prototype cutoffs were proven in a continuous production line by a major exhaust manufacturer. Wheel-type cutoff tooling was used and cycle times were as low as 4.5 seconds including transfer.


Our RC Series of rotary-head tube cutoff machines were introduced, featuring full servo control of cutting and feeding motions and integrated PLC control of all machine functions.

Our SC30 dual-blade tube shear was re-designed to work with our indexing tube loader for round and shaped tubes.


New rotating-headstock designs were developed to support carbide tube cutoff tooling. OD chamfering of both tube ends was added, plus ID chamfering of one end of the tube.  New wheel-type tooling and software is developed for cutting and grooving conveyor idlers automatically.


Our tube cutoff lathes are now available with an auxiliary chuck slide that allows full chamfering of both tube ends. This a major advancement that eliminates secondary operations. All OD and ID edges are beveled or chamfered and finished parts are produced.


Our RC-CCX dial-transfer machines are developed for tube cutting and double-end finishing at rates up to ten pieces per minute. Typical systems included a tube bundle loader and rotating-head cutoff, plus precision ID boring, tube forming, part marking and powered runout systems.

Fully automated pin-stamping is integrated into the tube handling system for 100% process tracking.


New CCX double-end tube boring machines were commissioned for high-speed boring and profiling of heavy conveyor idlers and rollers. When coupled with our RC tube cutoff lathe, customers realized cycle times as low as 15 seconds for an 8 inch diameter x 90 inch part.


Our production increases to 18 tube cutoff machines per year, so we moved operations to a larger manufacturing facility in Brookville, Indiana.


Custom Servo Runout systems are added for sorting different cut lengths. When cutting multiple lengths, the tubes are automatically separated and transferred to carts or bins.


Full integration of Robotic Unloading and Packaging. Options include vision part inspection, slip sheet insertion and pallet transfer conveyor.


Double-side loaders are introduced for higher tube storage capacity and for faster changeovers. These automatic tube loaders allow two different tube sizes to be loaded, and they increase the unattended run-time when a single size is being cut.


The RC-H series of rotary cutoffs was developed for high-speed cutting of heavy-wall tube into bearing and gear blanks, and for producing heavy conveyor idlers. These machine machines feature dual push-pull tube feeders that are supported on a overhead frame.


Building expansion at our Brookville facility increases assembly area to 50,000 square feet, and includes 15 ton overhead cranes.