C30 Single Endfinisher


Hautau endfinishing machines have powerful and precise servo-hydraulic tool feed to support heavy feed rates and continuous production applications. Our robust machine frame plus heavy-duty hydraulic chucking ensures you'll meet tight-tolerance requirements and produce chatter-free bevels and bores.

Tube OD: 0.50 inch to 3.0 inch

Wall Thickness: .03 inch to .75 inch

Tool Feed Travel: 3 inch

Tool Feed Thrust: up to 6000 pounds

Our 5HP headstock has ample power for fast beveling, boring and OD turning. We include a high-frequency peck-feed motion that breaks up chips and eliminates chip build-up on the boring heads. With our quick-change boring heads your get reduced setup and repeatable performance. And our four-jaw tube chuck adjusts automatically to the programmed diameter, so there is no downtime for collet or jaw replacement.


C30 Tube Beveling Machine

Hautau offers a complete line of tube beveling, chamfering, facing and boring equipment for the tube processing industry. Whether you cut in small batches or long production runs, we have a endfinishing system that’s right for your unique application.

We include built-in software programs for facing, boring, grooving, deep weld-bevels and OD turning, and setups can be stored and retrieved for repeat jobs. The tube can be registered from the front, against the retracting flag stop, to remove a fixed amount of material. The tube can also be registered against the adjustable outboard stop to machine to a precise overall length.