Hautau Offers a Better Way for Conveyor Idler Rolls

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Automated conveyors are essential for manufacturers, retailers and distribution centers throughout the world. It’s not unusual for the conveyors to literally have thousands of powered rollers and belt-driven idlers for smooth sorting and moving of products.

With a traditional manufacturing method, the idlers require several steps for production. After the tube has been cut to its specific length, it’s then manually loaded onto a separate machine that will form the groves – which are crucial to advancing the product along the line.

A Better, Easier, and More Efficient Approach
The Hautau method, though, is anything but traditional. With it’s rotating-head cutoff machine, a tube can be cut and grooved in one continuous cycle that takes 20 seconds to complete.

Here’s how it works.

  • With a touchscreen, the machine operator inputs the desired tube length and groove positions.
  • With the tube held stationary, the rotating head moves around it, making precision cuts and chamfering it with the headstock.
  • Then, a pair of grooving wheels makes the desired belt groove.

That’s it. No need for a secondary grooving process or added labor. As an added bonus, your “work in progress” inventory is greatly reduced.

Ease of Setup
With the touchscreen input, your operator can enter individual settings for certain batches or select from stored programs for repeat projects. All that’s needed then is to load the hopper with tube bundles, and let our machine do the work.

Your operator can even program two different idler lengths simultaneously. The computer will reduce any waste by calculating the best combination.

Because setup is so fast, easy and efficient, even short runs become profitable.

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