Automatic Tube Cutoff Lathe System

How To Choose the Right Rotating Head Cutoff Machine For Your Needs

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Hautau offers a wide range of rotating head cutoff machines, each of which is designed for a particular purpose.  Here is a brief rundown on what our machines do and how to choose the one that is right for your needs!

The RC Series–A Rotating-Head Cut Off Lathe for Every Need 

The RC Series is designed to cut, face and chamfer tubes in one simple operation.  Each machine produces burr-free, precisely finished tubes that meet rigid specifications.  The machines hold the tube stationary during the cut while a servo-driven cutting head rotates around, cutting and finishing the tube to perfection.  Each machine features programmable chucking and feeding to speed up setup and processing of even the most complex orders.

Whether you process tubes as short as a half inch or as long as 60 feet, one of these machines is right for you.  You can choose the right machine from our lineup for your particular needs, including:

  • The RC 15. The smallest machine in our lineup is perfect for precision fabricators who want a powerful, flexible workhorse machine to handle full machining of tube ends.  Allowing tubes with outer diameters between .25 inches and 1.3 inches, with wall thicknesses from .02 inches to solid bars, this machine will handle most smaller stock and produces cut lengths from .5 inches to 480 inches, as well as multiple cuts per tube.  With two-jaw or four-jaw chucking options and speeds up to 45 inches per second, the RC 15 is a great choice for a change from tube saw to rotating head cutoff machine.
  • The RC 30. The next set up in the lineup is the RC 30, which is the smallest machine to offer full-range chucking for high-speed finishing of tubes up to three inches in diameter.  With the ability to finish with grooves, bores, bevels or other end finishes, this machine quickly earns its place on your production floor.  It can handle tubes with outer diameters of .75 inches to 3 inches, with wall thicknesses from .030 inches up to one inch, plus barstock.  The machine makes cut lengths from .75 inches to 480 inches, and can make multiple cut lengths per tube with automatic random tube length optimization.  With an advance rate of 50 inches per second, a 30 horsepower headstock with constant surface speed, and tube chucks that adjust automatically to the pipe’s diameter, this machine has everything you could want in a rotating head cutoff machine.
  • The RC 50. One of the most popular machines in our lineup, the RC 50, boasts the ability to handle outer diameter tubes of .88 inches to up to 5 inches, larger than our two smaller models.  This 30 horsepower cutoff lathe has the power to cut fast, and full servo controls allow you to create complex finishes with the touch of a button. The RC50 has the ability to also form grooves along the length of the tube, making it ideal for manufactures of driven conveyor idlers and rollers.
  • The RC 60. Our most popular model, the RC 60 can handle pipes with a diameter of 1.5 inches to 7 inches, making it extremely versatile for a number of common applications.  The RC 60 can make cut lengths between .75 inches and 480 inches, with up to three cut lengths per tube.  It also eliminates secondary operations with the stationary chucks, which allow the rotating head to cut, groove, bore, chamfer or finish in a single operation.
  • The RC 80. The largest of the RC line, the RC 80 is a proven machine. It is designed to handle heavy tubes from 3.5 to 9 inches in diameter, with wall thicknesses up to one inch.  Up to four cutoff tools can be used for fast cuts, or add chamfer tools for full-finished parts ranging from .75 inch to 20 feet long in a single operation. Add our automatic tube loaders to ensure continuous production.

If you want to learn more about Hautau’s machines and what we can do for you, give our friendly professionals a call!