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Managing Large and Complicated Orders With an MES System

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An MES or Manufacturing Execution System is more than just production management software.  This system can help you handle the toughest and most complex orders, by creating a smooth workflow from raw material to finished product. With the right equipment and data transfer infrastructure in place, you can reduce setup time and scrap and be sure of consistent product flow.  For those who need to process complicated tube cut-to-length orders, integrating a rotating head tube cutoff machine with your existing MES is the best way to maximize productivity and minimize slowdowns and waste.

How an MES and Rotating Head Cutoff System Work Together 

A rotating-head tube cutoff lathe is an innovation that has revolutionized the production of processed metal tubes and pipes.  These machines cut, end-finish and sort tubes all in one process, taking the guesswork out of handling large orders.  Because the raw material is held stationary in two chucks while the servo-driven head rotates around the tube to perform the cutting and chamfering processes, the tube can remain stationary. This eliminates many of the problems associated with a traditional tube lathe cutting system, where the tube is rotated against the cutting tools.  Tube end-finishes can include chamfering, weld preps and O.D. turning, plus a mix of long and short parts can be produced automatically with no changeover.

Furthermore, with the addition of an MES, all the guesswork is taken out of the entire process from beginning to end.  With the help of the MES software, raw material is loaded in at one end of the process.  The cutting order is automatically adjusted to produce the best and most efficient material utilization, based on the need and priority of each order.  Instead of having to figure out how many pieces and how many sizes should be cut, the system automatically does this, ensuring maximum efficiency.  Furthermore, as the metal tubes are processed in the rotating-head cutting system, the MES monitors every step, sending real-time feedback to managers and employees simultaneously.  This ensures that any stoppages or slowdowns are identified immediately, located and corrected before they become a problem.

Finally, the system will sort and unload the finished metal tubes based on order status.  Employees no longer have to spend time struggling to fill orders; they can easily streamline the shipping process so that customers have to wait no longer than necessary for their products.

Furthermore, an MES can be expanded to incorporate all aspects of logistics, such as ordering materials, routine maintenance and servicing of machines, and even training for employees.  With a good MES software in place, much of the hard work associated with managing a production floor becomes much easier.

If you want to learn more about how you can incorporate an MES-based approach with an automatic tube cutoff system, give the professionals at Hautau a call.  We are ready to work with you to develop and perfect custom software that’s fully integrated into your current MES.  Give us a call today to learn more about how we can help you reach peak efficiency in your business!