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Why The Right Tools Maximize Efficiency in Tube Cutting

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The old saying, “There is a perfect tool for every job,” is particularly true when discussing the efficiency of tube fabricating plants.  How you manage your workers’ time and effort can often determine whether you are making money or losing it.  Therefore, having the right equipment is not just a matter of making work easier for everyone; it may also be what makes your plant profitable.

Choosing the right equipment is often dependent upon understanding what causes slowdowns in production in the first place.  A thorough investigation, from start to finish, of your production process can be invaluable in helping you isolate and fix trouble spots.  For processing metal tubes, there are several important places to check for inefficient practices:

  • Loading tube stock. Sorting metal tubes and loading them for cutting can be an extremely time-consuming process without the right tools.  Automating this part of your production will often instantly boost your run time, as well as cut down on potential accidents and reduce damage to tube stock.  By choosing a rotating-head cutoff system with automated loading and sorting capabilities, you can be sure that your production process is off to a quick and easy start.
  • Rotating-head cutoff systems rely on holding stock stationary while the cutting head moves around.  This one change in traditional cutting systems can result in huge savings of time and effort.  For one thing, waste is reduced because nicks and burrs that result from a rotating-tube process are no longer a problem. Plus setup for different tubes sizes and lengths is fast and cuts are accurate. However, the largest time savings probably results from the fact that organizing the cutting pattern and producing tubes of the right length can now be automated.  Workers no longer have to stop and calculate next job setup; it is all handled remotely.
  • In the past, finishing techniques such as boring, chamfering, and threading were done separately from the cutting process and often required moving the entire load of stock to another location.  Now, with automated cutting systems, cutting and finishing can be done on the same machine in close sequence, which reduces part handling, work-in-process and optimizes available floor space.  Further, finishes as well as cuts are likely to be more accurate since they are all handled by the servo-driven cutting head.
  • Unloading and packing finished tubes. Finally, unloading and sorting the finished product can be automated so that the cut tubes can be placed directly into racks, pallets or
  • With help from a rotating-head cutoff machine system, you can speed up production while increasing accuracy and precision.

At Hautau, we have spent decades proving and refining our rotary-head tube cutting equipment. Whether your production plant is large or small, we can help you find the right cutoff machine, as well as other accessories, to speed up production and increase your profits.  Give us a call today to speak to one of our knowledgeable specialists about your unique production needs.