Unique Tube Cutting Solution Also Improves Product Tracking

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A manufacturer of heavy truck driveshafts came to Hautau with a two-pronged problem.

  1. The cutoff machines they were using were slow and took too much time to set up.
  2. Because there are three tubes of different lengths in a typical driveshaft, they needed a better way to track each tube group throughout the assembly process. Their previous practice of relying on paperwork and manual entry meant their production runs were often slowed to a snail’s pace.

Here’s How Hautau Solved Their Problems
While we carry a full line of standard rotating-head cut-off machines, we often design unique solutions for individual manufacturing problems.

For this client, we took the basics of our RC60 rotary-head cutoff machine – our most popular model – and added functions that would speed up the client’s turnaround time and make it easier for them to efficiently and accurately track the different tubes throughout their assembly processes.

Here’s how we did it.

  • The custom-built RC60 is able to chamfer all tube ends without the need for repeated setups thanks to the servo-driven tool motion.
  • A double-side tube loader allows full bundles to be loaded while operating, thereby ensuring a continuous supply of tubes.
  • The tubes – which are sorted to the front, rear or pass-thru – are individually pin-stamped and labeled with a barcode so they can be tracked electronically throughout the assembly process.
  • Scrap has been significantly reduced thanks to tube optimization software built-in to the RC60 controls.
  • Their diameter changeovers are now fully automatic for all their driveshaft sizes.
  • The cut lengths are continuously updated through a data download system from the plant server.

Hautau Can Generate the Same Dramatically Positive Effects For Your Business.
For this project, our designers worked closely with the manufacturer to a get a true sense of the issues. It’s part of a process we’ve honed and perfected throughout our history.

After getting a complete understanding of what’s causing your tube and pipe cutting processes to slow, we then get to work on designing and building a solution for you.

On top of that, we provide complete training for your team and customer service around the clock.

To learn more about Hautau’s process and how we can help you, call (765) 647-1600 or get in touch online.