Preventative Maintenance Can Help Extend Machine Life

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Having made the wise investment in a rotating-head tube cutoff machine, the next step should be obvious:  taking care of your machine so you get continuous production for years to come.  Unfortunately, this may not be as easy as it sounds.  Many business owners do not understand the maintenance schedule for a high-end machine very well, or the managers they employ may have a less-than-perfect understanding of such machinery, particularly if they are used to working with older equipment.

However, creating a good checklist of preventative maintenance items and following through with them regularly is critical in enjoying years of service from your investment.  Here are some things to think about as you formulate a maintenance plan for your rotating head cutoff machine system:

  • Create a regular maintenance rotation. Starting with your equipment’s manual, create a weekly, monthly, quarterly, bi-annual and yearly list of tasks that should be addressed.  If in doubt, contact the manufacturer for a list of maintenance items and recommended frequencies.  Once you have such a list, go ahead and put it on the calendar.  Make sure that all interested parties, including workers and managers, have access to this schedule.
  • Develop an accountability system. Along with your maintenance rotation, you should develop a system of accountability or “checks and balances” to be sure that all the responsibility does not fall on one person.  Ideally, two or even three people will be trained in the procedures, ensuring you have a backup plan.  By building accountability into your maintenance system, you may be able to avoid small problems becoming big ones later, and you treat your employees more fairly by spreading the workload out for everyone.
  • Ensure that all important jobs are on the list. Be sure that you are including all the important jobs on the list, such as proper and consistent lubrication with quality products; cleaning of all parts of the machine; changing filters; and maintaining wipers and seals.  Additionally, your list should include tests appropriate for your machine as recommended by your manufacturer as well as inspection of all parts, particularly those involved in cutting and finishing.
  • Provide training for all employees. Everyone, from manager to floor worker, who is expected to handle your machinery should receive training in how to do so.  Additionally, anyone who works with your machines should eventually be trained in maintenance as well.  This ensures that those who work on your machines are able not only to operate them but also have a deeper understanding of the workings of the equipment and can, if needed, address issues and problems as they arise with greater skill and confidence.

If you are considering investing in a rotating-head tube cutoff machine system, talk to the experts at Hautau.  For decades, we have been providing our clients with quality products that are built to last for many years, plus the support to keep them going strong.  Give us a call today to learn more about what we can do for you to make your workspace more productive, efficient, and safe.