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How Hautau Pipe Cutting Solutions Can Completely Change the Way You Do Business

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For many businesses, selecting a Hautau solution for their pipe cutting needs has meant an increase in efficiency and an equally impressive increase in their bottom line.

Whether you choose from our complete line of Rotating-Head Tube Cutoff Machines or require a custom solution, Hautau engineers have established a reputation for satisfying their customers’ needs and providing ongoing expert technical support.

The Industry-Changing Rotating-Head Tube Cutoff Machine

With Hautau’s tube-cutting and chamfering machines, you no longer need extra steps for deburring or secondary chamfering – regardless of whether you’re doing small batches or long production runs. While saws and traditional lathes have a tendency to produce hanging burrs, Hautau solutions eliminate that problem.

Plus, these proven lathes are fully-programmable for different tube diameter and multiple cut lengths, so setup time is just a few minutes. As a result, you can cut smaller batches if needed and reduce your work-in-process.

For the cleanest and most efficient tube and pipe cutting service, call Hautau.

Since designing and building their first rotating-head tube cutoff machines in 1972, Hautau Tube Cutoff Systems has continually set the industry standard for the way tube processing is addressed.

Located in Brookville, Indiana, Hautau is known worldwide for building dependable, high-speed tube cutting and chamfering systems that produce parts consistently and to specified requirements.

Get in touch with Hautau for your pipe and tube cutting needs. They’ll talk with you about your manufacturing needs, and will develop an individualized processing plan for you.

To learn more about Hautau’s process and how they can help you, call (765) 647-1600 or get in touch online.