Getting Creative With Rotating Head Cutoff Machines

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Rotating head tube cutoff machines have completely reorganized the workflow of producing and processing in the metal pipe industry.

Those with factories or plants dedicated to creating metal pipe products are discovering that with a rotating head cutoff machine, they can quickly streamline their procedures and make the entire process less labor-intensive and more efficient.  However, many of these same manufacturers do not realize the level of creativity at their fingertips to control a wide range of cuts and finishes on their metal pipe products.  Rotating head cutoff machines do not simply cut pipes cleanly and quickly, but can also be used to finish them to exact specifications.

Details Matter 

Cutting pipes cleanly and accurately is, of course, the foundation of most processing systems.  With a rotating head cutoff machine, the manufacturer certainly gains an advantage in making precise cuts.  Because the metal stock is held stationary while the cutting head rotates around the pipe, vibration is reduced and the cutting process is smooth.  This means that your cuts are more accurate and the tube is not marked or damaged along its length.  This increases the precision of the cuts and ensures that your stock waste is minimized as much as possible.

However, precision cuts are not the only thing that matter when you are processing large batches of metal pipe stock.  Another important factor is how quickly and easily you can make specialty cuts.  For example, your process requires pipes of different sizes cut to specified lengths, but you may also want certain pipes bored, chamfered or turned on the outside.  You might want a very specific array of cuts and detail end-finishes for a batch of pipes, or even short batches where in fact no two pipes might actually have exactly the same profile.

In the past, a job like this would have taken many man-hours due to the need to sort and load stock separately as well as program the machine for the various cuts one by one–or even worse, to have to cut them by hand!  Now, with a rotating head cutoff machine and loading system, the worker simply loads up all the stock at once and programs the machine for the cuts.  The machine automatically loads the tube and develops an optimum cutting pattern to reduce waste.  The system then processes the cuts and finishes the ends with a servo-driven cutting head, and offloads the finished product at the end.  The entire process, from start to finish, is automated and optimized for maximum efficiency.

At Hautau, we have spent decades developing rotating cutoff head systems that work for our clients.  We work with each manufacturer individually to choose the options and systems that will integrate with their existing product flow and give them the highest productivity possible.  Our engineering professionals can work with you, as well, to choose the rotating cutoff head machine and accessories that will create the most effective setup for your shop.  Give us a call today to find out how your friends at Hautau can help you save money and increase your productivity with a new rotating head cutoff system.