Discover How a Custom-Built Hautau Lathe Improved DOM Tube Production

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A long-held Hautau hallmark is its ability to custom-design and build tube and pipe cutting solutions to suit individual needs of specific businesses.

A perfect example is when PTC, a major Midwest producer of high-quality cold-drawn tubes needed to improve their tube cutting operations.

Custom-Designed and Built Rotating-Head Cutoff Lathe Leads to Increased Production and Better Yield

Because cold-drawn tubes vary in length, the business’s process couldn’t cut true random lengths. This led to wasted tube and profits. Plus, a secondary operation was needed for end chamfering, which required length and diameter setup and was limited to a single length.

“Because the plant had success with a previous Hautau cutoff installation, they called us again for another new system,” explained Fred Hautau. “Our designers worked closely with the customer to create a custom RC60 Rotating-Head Cutoff System with all the features they needed.”

The results of the custom-built system were immediate and impactful to plant operations.

  • The RC60 cut and fully chamfered both ends of each tube length.
  • A hybrid feed system utilized servo hitch feeders plus pinch-rolls for longer lengths.
  • A transfer system sorted the different length cut tubes to the front, rear or pass-thru.
  • Point cuts and remnants were separated from good cuts and tube optimization software adjustments to lengths meant there was virtually little waste.
  • Diameter changeovers were fast for all tube sizes.
  • Cut lengths were adjusted based on incoming tube length.
  • Measurements of incoming tube lengths could be made “on-the-fly.”
  • Minimum-length cuts were made at the tapered leading-end “point” and the ragged trailing end remnant.

Additional features meant that:

  • Operators could track the system uptime and productivity
  • An interface provided tracking with downstream inspection and packing operations
  • Changeover speed was improved for both diameter and length.
  • Hautau could use a secure VPN connection for remote diagnostics, software upgrades and interactive on-screen operator training.

For custom-built solutions for your individual cutting needs, call Hautau.
The solution provided for PTC meant complete ID and OD chamfer of both tube ends and quicker changes for lengths and diameters. With the initial installation, the improvements in productivity and overall yield were so significant that ROI was achieved in 9 months.

This is just a sample of the good business sense it makes to leverage the skills and expertise of Hautau designers.

To learn more about Hautau’s process and how they can help you, call (765) 647-1600 or get in touch online.