Creating a Seamless Workflow with MES Software

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When we think about making money with any business, we must necessarily consider how a company conducts its everyday activities.  Workflow is a concept that has a huge impact on not only productivity, but also on profitability for any business.  Simply put, the better a company’s workflow, the more likely it is to generate profits.

Unfortunately, many businesses lose potential profits because their workflow is not optimized to deliver peak performance.  Any time there are slowdowns or stoppages, this equates to lost time and, ultimately, to potential lost money.  For business owners, understanding exactly where there are possible problems with workflow can lead them to make changes that increase productivity and profits.  The key to this knowledge may lie with the software used to control and monitor work processes, and one of the most useful tools in this regard is the MES or manufacturing execution system.

What is MES? 

Manufacturing Execution System [MES] is a computerized system that tracks the production of raw materials into finished goods.  An MES monitors every aspect of production from start to finish and feeds real-time information to every member of a production team.  It allows supervisors and others to make instant decisions about how to deal with slowdowns, stoppages or other problems as they arise, greatly increasing the efficiency of any system.

When applied to the process of cutting and finishing metal tubes, an MES can exponentially increase the profitability of a production line.  Raw metal tubing is placed in the automatic loader and individual tubes are advanced into the automated cutting system.  The tube is measured and the cutting order is optimized for the most efficient material utilization, then quickly fed into the rotating-head cutting feed.  With a rotating head system, the stock is held stationary in chucks at either end while the head moves around, cutting and finishing in one quick step.  After this, the finished pieces can be can be sorted automatically and palletized for transport.

During this time, the MES software oversees the entire process.   Anyone with access to the software can see what is happening at any point in the system, giving everyone a bird’s-eye view of the manufacturing outcomes from start to finish.  With a full picture, managers and others can easily spot areas that are vulnerable to slowdowns or other issues and address them quickly, before they become problems.  Ultimately, MES software gives everyone more control over the manufacturing process from beginning to end and helps business owners pinpoint areas for improvement.

At Hautau, we specialize in developing MES-based systems that will sort, cut, and finish metal tubes of all sizes and thicknesses quickly and efficiently.  With one of our servo-driven, rotating-head cutting systems, efficiency skyrockets and everyone, from workers to managers, receives real-time feedback that allows for the greatest possible productivity.  For more information on how a Hautau system can transform your factory and increase your profits, give our professionals a call.  We want to work with you to develop a system customized for your unique needs!