Automatic Tube Cutting System

Benefits of an Automatic Tube Cut-off System

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Hautau, a renowned manufacturer of tube cutting machines, has consistently delivered innovative technologies to reduce human resources and increase automation for the tube processing industry. Responding to a request from a customer, Hautau delivered a custom tube cut-off system that would transfer the cut-up tubes into special transport carts without requiring human intervention.

There are numerous benefits of this fully automatic tube cut-off system, as discussed below.

Helps Reduce Labor Costs

The automatic tube cut-off machine places the cut-up parts to carts, freeing the operator from this repetitive task. There are significant savings generated by integrating several processes that would otherwise have to be performed individually with labor assigned to each. This system enabled integration, reducing the cost of human capital for the tube fabricator.

The task of stacking tubes into carts required both time and energy, and production would be paused if an employee is missing or if the tubes are too heavy for manual off-loading. Since automation is faster than a manual workforce, the whole system would become more efficient as well.

Uninterrupted Production

Since there was a demand for a system that would automatically stack the tubes into carts, Hautau combined an RC30H tube cut-off machine with a custom tube stacker and a double-side tube loader. There are various steps involved in the tube cutting process. The rotating head would cut and chamfer the tubes, have them deburred and ready for further processing. The tube stacker would fill the carts, which would then be exchanged without impeding production at any step of the process.

An automatic tube cut-off system would avoid on-loading and off-loading delays. The double-side tube loader ensures that full bundles of tubing would be handled safely and without interrupting production.

Greater Flexibility

The automatic tube cut-off system allows a higher degree of flexibility with its advanced features. It is undeniable that this invention is a workhorse, getting more work done than would be possible with manual labor. Apart from producing more volume, the system also allows non-stop, 24-hour operation.

The dual side tube loader is a popular option because it provides significantly more value than a manual pipe cutting system. This automated system proves to be much more effective and its low maintenance makes the whole process resourceful. There is more accuracy with the automatic system that can cut virtually any length that you may require. Consequentially, it gives more room for customization.


Handling cut off pieces is the most labor-intensive part of the tube cutting process. With an integrated system, production can run efficiently without any delays in tube loading and off- loading. The benefits are continuous production and reduced labor costs. The automatic system is touted the most advanced method to cut, chamfer and transfer tubes all in one operation.

With fast changeover and precisely chamfered tubular parts, the rotating head automatic tube cut-off machine and Hautau engineering experience provide customized solutions for all your unique tube cutting applications.