Options to Increase Throughput and Uptime

Tube Cutoff Machine Optionsmachine-options

  • Tool Lubrication System
  • Automatic Grease System
  • Air-to-Oil Heat Exchanger
  • Tube Runout Table
  • Tube Runout Conveyor
  • Chip Conveyor

Tool Lubrication System

  • Unbreakable thru-the-jaw nozzle
  • Standard or extra-capacity tanks
  • Low level sensing
  • PLC-controlled operation
  • Compatible with “green” lube systems
  • Lube during cutting, chamfering or both

Automatic Grease Systemoptions-1

  • Trabon® positive-displacement style
  • Hydraulically powered pump
  • PLC controlled, with monitoring of grease level and cycle completion
  • Supplies all non-rotating grease points
  • Automatic operation injects small amounts at programmed intervals
  • Eliminates over and/or under lubrication
  • Greatly extends machine life

Air-to-Oil Heat Exchanger

  • Integrated low pressure gerotor oil pump and cooling fan
  • Provides “kidney-loop” cooling and filtration
  • Temperature is monitored and controlled by the PLC
  • Eliminates need for process cooling water

Tube Runout Tableoptions-2

  • Precision-ground top
  • Control automatically adjusts height to match tube diameter
  • Provides support when cutting long length tubes
  • Adjustable angle

Tube Runout Conveyor

  • Separates trims, primary lengths and secondary lengths
  • Hydraulically powered
  • Durable flat-top chain or dual roller chain

Chip Conveyor

  • Continuous or programmed intermittent removal of chips and remnants
  • Models available for small or large diameter remnants
  • Overload slip clutch ensures maximum operating life
  • Reverse jog function