Tube Chamfering Machine

Tube Chamfering MachineThe Hautau Double End Tube Chamfering Machine is designed for producing conveyor idlers, hydraulic cylinders, drive shafts, axles and other long tubular parts.

This versatile secondary operation station can hand-loaded or linked directly to any existing cutoff system. Cut to length tubes are continuously fed into the tube chamfering machine via a chain conveyor.

A 75 hp electric motor powers two hydraulic motors which drive two quick-mount boring heads that bores both ends of the tube.

The process also faces and bevels both ends. The boring spindles are servo-controlled and synchronized. This insures accurate roller length and machining depth, with precise concentricity. The system can handle tubes up 90 inches long and up to 8.7″ OD.


Specs: CC60 SpecificationsTube Chamfering Machine service

Video: CC60 linked to RC cutoff machine

CC60 / CC80 Double End Tube Chamfering Machine

CC60 Tube Chamfering Machine

Tube OD: 2 inch to 6.75 inch

Tube Lengths: Up to 90 inches

CC80 Double-End Tube Finisher

Tube OD: 3.5 inch to 9.1 inch

Cut Lengths: Up to 90 inches




For precision boring, facing or chamfering of tube or pipe at high production rates, the massive CC Series of double-end finishers is your best choice. 


  • The servo-driven dial transfer mechanism cc60-chuckgrips and moves the tubes from the loading station through the boring and blow-off stations.
  • The boring station has two chucks that grip the tube rigidly and on-center at each end.
  • The chuck jaws adjust automatically so changeover is fast.
  • Two precision boring spindles are driven by integrated hydraulic motors that provide up to 40 HP to each cutting head, while providing tool overload protection.
  • All cutting is done dry using coated carbides and quick-change endfinishing heads.



RC Cutoff linked to a CC double-end tube finisher


If your application demands the highest efficiency tube boring, we’ll link our RC rotating-head cutoff lathe directly to the CC Tube Chamfering Machine. 

  • The cutoff lathe and chamfer machine controls are fully integrated, with dual consoles so one person can operate the complete cell.
  • Fast changeover features make these systems cost-effective for both short-run and high-volume jobs.
  • Can be linked to any existing cutoff system.
  • Cut to length tubes are continuously fed into the station via a chain conveyor.


Features & Benefits:cc60-80-parts

  • Up to 8.7″ diameter
  • Lengths up to 90″
  • 40 HP variable-speed spindle drives
  • Precise, hydraulic servo tool feed
  • Programmable chip-break sequence
  • Quick-change tooling
  • Full-range jaws, no jaw change required
  • Chuck position is automatically controlled
  • Length gauging before machining
  • Allen-Bradley® PLC and PanelView+®