CC15 Double Endfinisher

cc15-double-endfinisherCC15 Double End Tube Finisher

Tube OD: 0.5 inch to 1.2 inch

Maximum Bore depth: 4.0 inches

Cycle time: 3-6 seconds (depending on bore depth) 

The Hautau CC15 double-endfinisher delivers precise double-end boring, facing and beveling of tube or bar stock (up to 1.125 inch diameter) at high production rates.

  • These rugged machines feature a fast cam-driven dial transfer mechanism that grips and moves the tubes from the loading station through the end finishing and blow-off stations
  • Two precision electric cutting spindles provide up to 3 HP to each cutting head.
  • All cutting is done dry using coated carbides and quick-change end finishing heads.
  • Length change (up to 36 inches) is fast using the digital length readout and adjustment wheel.

 System ConfigurationC15_double_endfinishing

If your application demands the highest efficiency tube boring, we’ll link our RC30 rotary-head tube cutoff machine directly to the CC15.

Our fast changeover features make these systems cost-effective for both short-run and high-volume jobs.

CC15 Features & Benefits:

  • Up to 1-1/8″ diameter
  • Lengths up to 36″
  • 3 HP variable-speed spindle drives
  • Chip-break sequence
  • Optional servo tool feed
  • Quick-change chamfer tooling
  • Quick change clamp tooling
  • 100% length gauging
  • Allen-Bradley® PLC and PanelView+®
  • Optional chip conveyor

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