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Tube & Pipe Cutoff Solutions
For Thick & Thin Wall Tubing

Rotary-Head Cutoff Lathe
Hautau rotary cutoff lathes can cutoff and chamfer OD and ID on both ends of tubes in one machine, one chucking. Produce finished parts up to 9” diameter, from 1/2” up to 60 feet long.

Programmable chucking and feeding means no collet or jaw changes. You can cut and chamfer a range of up to 4” diameter with one tool setup.  Our RC cutoff lathes are the industry leaders in versatility and speed of changeover.

Watch our videos that show tube loading, feeding, tube cutting, chamfering, grooving, boring and unloading.

Shear Cut-Off
The Hautau
dual-blade shear cut-off machine is your best choice for high-speed tube cutoff of of thin-wall carbon steel tubing up to 3" diameter. For tube deburring or chamfering, add a conveyor link-up to tube brushing or end-finishing machine.

Tube Loaders
Our rugged tube loaders are available with either strap lifts or low-maintenance chains, plus engineered systems for tube lengths up to 60 feet.

Complete Tube Cut-off Systems
With Hautau, you can get the complete tube cut-off system, including automatic tube loading, cutting, sorting, inspection and cleaning.


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