Rotating-Head Tube Cutoff Lathe

The Hautau tube cutoff lathe can cutoff and chamfer OD and ID on both ends of a tube in one chucking. The stationary tube is gripped by two chucks—one before the rotating cutoff head, one after.

In one continuous operation we  cut, face and chamfer the trailing end of the cut segment and the leading end of the tube being advanced.  (see illustration below)

The hydraulic chucks and tube feeding system are programmable so you can produce precision parts with no collet or jaw changes. You can cut and chamfer a range of up to 4 inches in diameter with one tool setup.

For example, our RC60 tube cutoff machine can changeover from 2 inch diameter to 6 inch in less than a minute.   Cut up to ten lengths from a tube, with all ends chamfered.

You can produce finished parts up to 9 inches diameter, from one-half inch long up to 60 feet long.

Hautau RC cutoff lathes are the industry leaders in versatility and speed of changeover.

How It Works

tube cutoff lathe

The ID and OD chamfers can be different depths on both ends. No secondary operations required.

Watch our videos that show tube loading, feeding, tube cutting, chamfering, grooving, boring and unloading.

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