Tube Feeding & Chucking

Tube Feeding & Chucking

Maximize flexibility and productivity with Hautau’s rapid tube feeding combined with powered chucks that hold a wide range of tube diameters with no collet changes.

Powerful and Accurate  

  • Electro-hydraulic feeder advances the tube
  • Leading edge of tube is laser-located
  • 30 inch hitchfeeder stroke standard, 48 optional
  • Multiple feeds for cut lengths up to 40 feet
  • Multiple cut lengths in one fast setup
  • Feed and cut chucks adjust automatically.
  • Remnant length as short as 1 inch
  • Facing eliminates trim cuts and chamfers both ends

Two-Slide Headstock

Choose the standard two cutoff slide arrangement for the following tool setups:

  • Two cutoff wheels
  • Two lathe cutoff tools
  • One lathe cutoff plus one chamfer tool

Four-Slide Headstock

Adding two more tool slides allows these additional tool setups:

  • Faster cycle times with up to 4 cutoff tools
  • Different ID and OD chamfer angles
  • Grooving, turning and boring
  • Wheel cutoff plus grooving

ID Chamfer Chuck Slide

A massive slide plate is added to allow the “cut chuck” to be moved precisely in and out, positioning the cut tube end for ID chamfering.

  • Positive hydraulic motion for accurate positioning of heavy tubes
  • Rugged four-pin guidance system
  • Rolling press-fit bearings provide maximum rigidity
  • Opens to service position for fast access to chuck jaws
  • Optional Servo Control allows multi-axis contouring for machining special features such as radius, weld-prep or non-standard chamfers


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