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Advancements in Tube Cutoff machine design

New: Rotating Head:

  • Stationary tube, tools rotate around the tube
  • Two chucks—one on either side of the rotating head
  • One chuck feeds tube, the other supports cut off part
  • Rotating tools cut, face and chamfer both ends
  • Quiet, continuous operation
  • Changeover diameter in five minutes or less
  • Changeover length in one minute

Old: Rotating Tube:

  • Tube rotates and whips
  • Deep headstock limits remnant handling
  • Collet limits feeding methods
  • Cannot cut ID chamfer on all tube ends
  • Long changeover

One Chucking Does It All!

The Hautau Rotary Head Tube Cutoff machine can cutoff and chamfer both ends of pipe, tube or bar on one machine, in one chucking. Our dual-chuck design allows you to produce fully end-finished parts with no secondary operations.

You can machine tube grooves, weld-preps, radius edges, plus cut and chamfer solid bar stock up to 2” diameter.

RC15 tube cutoff machine RC30 tube cutoff machine RC50 tube cutoff machine
RC60 tube cutoff machine RC80 tube cutoff machine

Hautau tube cutoff machines feature servo tube positioning and dual hydraulic chucks with full-range jaws, so setups are always fast and short runs are no problem. Whether you run batches of 10 or 10,000, these machines are the best way to cutoff and chamfer finished tubular components.

1. Tubes are held rigidly for best concentricity

2 . Precision chamfers cut on OD and ID on both ends, in one chucking

3. Full-range chucks require no changeover

With the Allen-Bradley® ControlLogix® as the standard, Hautau Tube Cutoff machines are easy to use and require no CNC programming. Setup, including chamfers and multiple lengths, typically takes less than five minutes.

Your next tube cutoff machine.