Overhead Tube Cut Off Machine

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New “H” Series Tube Cut Off Machine

The “H” tube cut off machine features dual servo tube feeders for faster cutting of long lengths as well as multi-axis machining of weld preps and special bevels on both tube ends.  The innovative overhead design makes this our highest performance rotary-head tube cut off machine.

  • Reversed product flow insures trouble-free cutting of short bearing and gear blanks
  • Overhead mounting of tube feeders for improved chip control
  • Automatic separation of trim cuts from production cuts
  • Automatic separation of remnants from shavings
  • Step-through configuration allows quick access to both sides of cutting area
  • Higher cutting area provides improved access to tooling
  • Cut off machine can be operated from the front or rear for best product flow
  • Quick-change chuck jaws for cutting large, thin-wall tubes


  • OD: .75 inch to 3.0 inch (smaller with special jaws)
  • Wall Thickness: .020 – .80 inch
  • Cut Length: .50 inch / 480 inch
  • The RC30-H Rotary Tube Cut Off Machine excels at cutting small tubes up to 3″ diameter, with the highest performance of all our H-series cut off machines.


  • OD: .88 to 5.0 inch
  • Wall Thickness: .049 to 1.25″
  • Cut Off Lengths: .50 – 480 inch

The RC50-H Rotary Tube Cut Off Machine excels at cutting intermediate size tubes.


  • OD: 1.5 – 6.75 inch
  • Wall Thickness: .049 – 1.25 inch
  • Cut Lengths: .50 / 480 inches


  • OD: 3.5 inch to 9.1 inch
  • Wall Thickness: .065 inch to 1.25 inch
  • Cut Lengths: 0.75 inch min / 480 inches max
  • Random lengths are automatically measured and optimized

Benefits of our Rotating-Headstock lathes:

  • The 30HP headstock has ample power for fast cutting, and includes constant surface speed (CSS) control to maintain optimum production rates
  • The tube chucks adjust automatically to the programmed diameter – no downtime for collet or jaw replacement.
  • You can cut, face, chamfer and groove tubes in one chucking
  • Eliminate secondary operations and reduce labor
  • Cut mixed long and short lengths for the best material utilization even when cutting from random length bundles.

H Series Cut Off Machine Advantages:

  • Chamfer OD and ID on both tube ends
  • Quiet rotating-head/stationary tube design
  • Cut off head rotates around the tube
  • Dual hydraulic chucks hold the tube on both sides of the cut
  • Fast, pushbutton changeover for tube diameter and cut-off length
  • Cut off piece is held and does not ”break loose”
  • Cut long lengths without steady rests

See RC-H video