Rotating Head Cutoff Lathe

rotating head cutoff controlsThe Hautau Rotating Head Cutoff Lathe is the most advanced way to cut and chamfer tubing and pipe. With fast servo changeover they’re perfect for short or long runs

Rotating-Head Cutoff Lathe

Combine cutting, full tube end machining and efficient material utilization …

    • Hautau Technology sets the standard for the industry because of the way we apply it to solve unique customer requirements.
    • You get a system with programmable setup for both product diameter and optimum cut lengths, so idle time is virtually eliminated.
    • Our tube loading and feeding system accepts full bundles as well as partial length tubes with little or no changeover, so the occasional re-cut piece can be processed with minimal setup time.

rotating head cutoff tools

One Hautau Rotating Head Cutoff Lathe does it all. You get unmatched capability on a full range of tubing wall thicknesses, plus quick changeover.

Solutions for Thick Wall Tube and Thin Wall Tubing Cutoff

With Hautau, you can get the complete system, including integrated loading, cutting, sorting, inspection and cleaning.

  • Thick Wall Solution–Lathe Tooling
  • Thin Wall Performance–Cutting Wheel
  • Custom Software Modifications Available, If Required

 Thick Wall Solutions – Lathe Toolingrotating head cutoff product

  • Incoming Material: 1 to 75 feet, and random
  • Part Length: 0.5 inch to 60 feet
  • Diameter: Up to 9 inches
  • Wall: .125 inch to 1.5 inches
  • Laser accurately locates tube end on initial feed
  • Servo accurately locates subsequent segments
  • Optimal Length Programming—one tube, up to 5 lengths
  • Minimum tool overhang eliminates chatter, improves surface finish
  • Solid bar through 3 inch OD
  • Quiet running

Thin Wall Performance – Cutting Wheelrotating head cutoff wheels

  • Chipless wheel cutoff, no kerf loss
  • Roller restores inside diameter on both ends
  • Wall: 0.049 inch up to 0.125 inch
  • Ready for mandrel bend operations
  • Precision length control
  • Eliminates ID sizing operations
  • Quick-change to lathe cutoff tooling

Custom Tube Cutoff Software Solutions

Length optimization software …

  • Easy to setup length combinations to minimize scrap
  • Measures the overall tube length at the loader
  • Recalculates for each tube so that random lengths can be processed automatically

rotating head cutoff diameter