Rotating Head Cut-Off Lathes and Machines

If you cut a lot of tubing or pipe, our rotating head cut-off machines are the most advanced way to cut, face and chamfer in one operation. Many conventional tube cutting systems are not precise and usually leave sharp tube ends. Hautau cutoff lathes hold the tube stationary during the cut while the rotating head cutoff moves the tools in for cutting and chamfering. The tube is gripped by two tube chucks that position the tube for cutting the inside and outside chamfers. The tube lengths are precise and chamfer depths are programmable.

Hautau offers machines for tubes from one-half inch to 9 inch, with wall thickness up to 1 inch.

RC15 Rotating Head Cut Off Saw RC30 Rotating Head Cut-Off RC50 Rotating Head Cut Off
RC60 Rotating Head Cut Off lathe RC80 Rotating Head Cut-Off

We have RC machines installed a wide variety of manufacturing applications, including:
– Hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders
– Mining conveyor idler rolls
– Material handling conveyors
– Truck and bus exhaust components
– Automobile exhaust components
– Motorcycle exhaust systems
– Shock absorbers
– Light truck and semi driveshafts
– Truck and trailer suspension systems
– Over-molded suspension components
– Agricultural equipment
– Bearing and gear blanks
– Down-hole drilling pipe and centralizers
– Building piering systems
– Underground directional drilling systems
– HVAC heat exchangers
– Health care beds and accessories
– Tube mill recutting
– Titanium and Zirconium tube production
– Nuclear fuel rods
– Electric motor housings

The RC30 and RC50 rotating head cut-off machines have special features that allow cutting smaller diameters and heavier wall tubes.  The RC60 and RC80 models have the widest diameter range within a single tooling setup.

Custom chuck jaws are available for cutting very thin-wall tubes and for expanded diameter ranges.

If very short or very long cuts are required, check out our H-series rotating-head cut-off machines.  These high-performance machines allow cutting and chamfering pieces as short as .50 inch and have higher production rates when cutting pieces longer than 30 inches.