Rotary Head Cut Off Technology

How Rotary Head cut off works:

Process Video

Rotary Head Cut Off

Rotary Head cut off of round tubing: Process Advantages

We hold the tube stationary and the rotary head cut off spins.  The four tool slides move under precise servo control. We can face, chamfer and groove both ends of any tube length. You can increase productivity, improve quality and reduce scrap while producing fully end-finished parts without costly secondary operations.

  • Cut OD and ID chamfer or radius (form tools)
  • Machine both ends of the tube at once
  • Vary chamfer depths on leading/trailing ends
  • Cut or form grooves at any position
  • Do OD “peeling” of short parts

Our high-performance cutoff machines have servo tube positioning and dual hydraulic chucks with full-range jaws.  Wetups are always fast and short runs are no problem. Whether you run batches of 10 or 10,000, these machines are the best way to cutoff and chamfer finished tubular components.

Rotary-Head Tube Cut-Off: Benefits

  • The tube is held rigidly and does not spin during cutting
  • Cuts OD and ID chamfers on both ends
  • Dual hydraulic chucks hold the tube on both sides of the cut
  • Requires no collet or jaw changes!
  • Chucks automatically adjust for tube size
  • Fast, pushbutton changeover for diameter and length
  • Cutoff piece is held and does not break loose
  • Cut long lengths without steady rests
  • Bowed or dented tubes do not whip