RC80 Tube Cutting and Chamfering Machine

The Hautau RC80 Tube Cutting and Chamfering Machine is the largest of the RC line. Our proven rotating-head tube lathes can cut and chamfer tubes up to 9 inches diameter with wall thickness up to 1.25 inches. Our customers depend on these machines to produce short bearing blanks or long conveyor rollers in around-the-clock operation. Lengths are precise, cuts are square and all edges can be chamfered.

Tube Cutting and Chamfering Machine

Tube OD: 3.5 inch to 9.1 inch

Wall Thickness: .065 inch to 1.25 inch

Cut Lengths: 0.75 inch min / 480 inch max

The 30 horsepower headstock drive has ample power for fast tube cutting at high feed rates using standard carbide-inserted blades. Use up to four cutoff tools for straight cuts producing bearing or gear blanks, or setup two chamfer tools for fully-finished parts. The powerful hydraulic servo feeder moves heavy tubes precisely at up to 25 inches a second, enabling you to cut, chamfer and groove parts from ranging fromĀ 0.5 inch to 20 feet long.

  • Most productive way to cut anything from heavy-wall bearing blanks to thin-wall exhaust tubing.
  • Tube chucks adjust automatically to the programmed diameter, so there’s no changeover of collets or jaws.
  • MQL tool lube system injects
  • Constant surface speed (CSS) control improves tools life and maintains optimum production rates

RC80 Tube Cutting and Chamfering Machine Advantages:

  • Chamfer OD and ID on both tube endsRC80 Headstock2
  • Quiet rotating-head/stationary tube design
  • Dual hydraulic chucks hold the tube on both sides of the cut
  • No collet or jaw changes
  • Chucks automatically adjust for tube or pipe size
  • Fast, pushbutton changeover for tube diameter and cut-off length
  • Cutoff piece is held and does not “break loose”
  • Special configurations for inline tube mill applications.



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