RC30 Automatic Pipe Cutoff Lathe (3.0 inch)

The Hautau RC30 Pipe Cutoff Lathe the smallest of our automatic rotary tube cutoff lathes to include full-range chucking, for high-speed cutting and chamfering of tube or bar up to 3 inches in diameter.

pipe cutoff lathe

Tube OD: 0.50 inch to 3.0 inch

Wall Thickness: .03 inch to 1.0 inch

Cut Lengths: 0.75 inch min / 480 inches max • Multiple cut lengths per tube • Random lenth tubes are automatically measured and optimized

  • The Hautau RC30 has the fastest tube feed system we offer, with advance rates of 50 inches per second
  • 30HP headstock has ample power for fast cutting, plus constant surface speed (CSS) control to maintain optimum production rates
  • Programs for grooving, turning, boring and special chamfers
  • Quick-change tooling cartridges for cutting and chamfering tubes a small as .5″ diameter.
  • Tube chucks adjust automatically to the programmed diameter, so there’s no downtime for collet or jaw replacement
  • Cut up to 10 different lengths per tube for the best material utilization even from random length bundles

RC30 Pipe Cutoff Lathe Advantages:

  • Cuts tube square and accurate within .005″
  • Chamfers the OD and ID of both tube ends
  • Bores and turns both tube ends
  • Cuts or rolls grooves anywhere along tube length
  • Fast, pushbutton changeover for tube diameter and cut-off length
  • Cutoff piece is held and does not “break loose”
  • Cut long lengths without “steady rests”

Video: RC30 3 Inch Cutoff Lathe
Can’t view in YouTube? Click here: RC30 Pipe Cutoff Lathe

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