C60 Single Endfinisher


  • Chamfer, bore, face and groove tubing or bar
  • Up to 6.75 inch diameter
  • Rigid, powerful and precise
  • High-thrust spindle
  • Rigid hydraulic chucking
  • Chucks clamp 1.25 inch to 6.75 inch parts with no jaw change
  • Fast, repeatable machining
  • Quick-Change tooling plus program storage
  • Changeovers are fast and repeatable

Versatile Tube Stop

  • Hydraulically powered for positive operation
  • Remove a fixed amount from each tube end or face each end to control overall tube length
  • Automatic stop retraction
  • 100% length gauging before and after machining
  • Ensures easy, safe loading

CC60 Double Endfinisher Specs

Video: CC60 / CC80 Double Endfinisher